“Children need to develop positive out of school outlets that keep them engaged in school, promote their health and provide connections (to sports/hobbies, a person or group, etc). There is a wealth of data supporting extended day and extended year programs”

2014 IRC Childrens Services Advisory Committee Needs Assessment Executive Summary

Youth Outreach is slated to begin in 2017

The Youth Archery Outreach Program will consist of 2 archery sessions per week that a student may attend.  We will provide all equipment and 2 USA Archery Certified Instructors to run the sessions which are held in an indoor, air-conditioned, well-lit facility.  


The sport specific portion of the sessions will consist of instruction in safety, form, equipment and competition.  Our instructors are adept at handling multiple students with varying skill levels and allowing them to advance at their own pace.  The students will be exposed to various aspects of the sport and what can be accomplished with continued participation.  Our intention is to excite the kids to increase their interest and then guide them to our longer term programs where we can incorporate life skills curriculum.

“Statistics on our youth are troubling. It appears that they are not going to school at the rate they should and are engaging in risky behavior ruinous to their futures. We have chronic school absenteeism of 11.1%. Our school suspension rate, bullying, and teen pregnancy exceed State averages.”

2014 IRC Childrens Services Advisory Committee Needs Assessment Executive Summary


"Children and adolescents should do 60 minutes of physical activity each day"

Center for Disease Control



 A final, yet important portion of our sessions revolves around overall physical fitness.  As one of 7 Easton Sports Development Foundation affiliates in the US, we work closely with them in an effort to implement an overall athlete development program in conjunction with the goals of the US Olympic Committee.  We feel that, although most of our students will not be Olympic caliber athletes, they will greatly benefit from the programs designed for them.  These programs include exposure to, testing and continued monitoring of the physical elements that determine core strength, balance, stamina and flexibility.  Our Outreach program sessions will incorporate some of the fun games and activities designed to increase overall physical fitness and we will be able to show progress by documenting baseline and future outcomes of those activities

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