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Level 1 Instructor (formerly Basic) 

A Level 1 Instructor is most closely associated with a “grassroots” program that is short-term in scope and focused on introducing basic archery skills to beginners. Such programs would include: camps, Scouting, 4-H, and Parks and Recreation.

  • Course content: Range safety, range set-up, basic equipment setup and repair, and how to teach the basic steps of shooting.
  • Any Level 1 Instructor who wants individual insurance coverage will need to become a member of USA Archery, complete the SafeSport program and complete a background check

Level 2 Instructor (formerly Intermediate) 2 days 

A Level 2 Instructor works with a more established archery program such as J.O.A.D., A.S.A.P., college clubs and local clubs with a strong beginner component. Level 2 Instructors are also certified to teach Level 1 courses. Current Level 2 Instructors with a successful background screen are eligible for insurance benefits. 

  • Course Content: Basic shooting steps, introduce intermediate shooting steps, safety, range set-up; equipment setup and repair, fitting equipment to an archer, how to teach archery and how to teach a Level 1 Instructor Course.
  • Length of Course: 12-16 hours (2 Days)
  • Prerequisites: Minimum age: 18, USA Archery or NFAA membership, Successful background screen and completion of USA Archery SafeSport Program.  You must bring your USA Archery Membership card with you on the day of the course.
  • Please note: No certification will be processed without membership,SafeSport and a successful background screen.


Our course instructors have years of experience in teaching archery and competing.  We can show you how to start an archery program in you area!

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