George Ryals Seminar


Click On GRIV's picture to register now for this great opportunuty!  Class size is limited to 20 and spots will fill fast. Cost $350.00

Seminar will be held April 7th-9th in Vero Beach Florida.  We will provide registrants with a list of recommended accommodations and a special discount code at the host hotel.

GRIV's Archery Workshops are tailored for intermediate to advanced shooters looking to raise their level of archery to a new plane. 

In GRIV's workshop you'll have full access to everything he knows for three full days. At the start he encourages the participants to fully participate and discuss archery while he uses a keynote presentation as a place holder for the discussion. GRIV knows that the more involvement you put into the class, the more you'll learn. If you just sit and listen, you'll learn some cool stuff. However, if you ask questions, discuss, and bend the conversation deeper into each topic, you'll come away with a whole new understanding that you otherwise wouldn't get. 

Many people won't bat an eye at spending $1500 on a new bow. Spending a small portion of that on your archery education will do a tremendous amount more for your scores than that new bow will. 

  • Relationship between Form, Stability, and Shot Execution
  • Foundations of stable and repeatable compound form 
  • Step by step video walkthrough of form elements
  • Trouble shooting common problems 
  • Draw Lentgh and it's relationship to stability. 
  •  Releasing Tension for greatest balance and control
  • Letting Go...
  • Release construction and design. What it means to you. 
  • The steps to learning a release in a way that solidifies the connection between your form and execution.
  • The importance of close range shooting
  • Setting up stabilizers and how and why
  • Equipment tuning secrets 
  • Winning the mental game 
  • Different practice modes to dial in success
  • Developing a solid mental game 

And much more... Archer participation during the discussion is a big part of what happens. During deeper exploration of topics, the group causes deeper discovery and understanding of the basic ideas through free exchanges and exploration of ideas and questions. 






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