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I would like to officially invite you to Archery Trade Association’s Archery Academy being held at The Oxbow Ecocenter, located in Port St Lucie Florida. The ATA, Oxbow Ecocenter and the Florida Archery Foundation are hosting the four day long workshop to boost archery, bowhunting and bowfishing in the region by introducing educators, ATA members and community program leaders to these programs.

 Attendees will have a solid implementation plan and access to a wide variety of programs including Explore Bowhunting, Explore Bowfishing, JOAD club handbooks, S3DA certification and NFAA tournaments and league structures.

 Date: November 14-17th 2017  Time: 9am-5pm each day  

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Part I - 11/14 - 11/15/17 $65.00 Level 2 Certification plus S3DA Certification

Part II - 11/16-11/17/17  $55.00  Academy 2.0

Entire 4 Day Session $95.00 (This is over a $500.00 Value!!)

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Location: Oxbow Ecocenter

5400 N. E. St James Drive, Port St. Lucie, FL  34983

For information about the facility click the Oxbow logo above or contact Michael Lundeen at MLundeen@FloridaArcheryFoundation.com


The workshop will include:

  • A USA Archery National Training System Refresher with additional coaching tips.
  • JOAD and NFAA clubs and target archery opportunities with leagues and tournament programs.
  • S3DA certification information and resources needed to start an S3DA club.  The goal of the Scholastic 3-D Archery (S3DA) Program is to provide archery and bowhunting opportunities for young people in after school settings as well as with archery affiliated clubs and businesses in the community.  They provide an effective after-school archery program focusing on 3-D, indoor target and outdoor target archery using all types of equipment. 
  • Explore Bowhunting, which is an educational program designed to help instructors, program leaders and educators teach students ages 11-17 the basic skills of bowhunting. The ATA has created this program to spark an interest and passion for bowhunting in today’s youth. It works great for youth, but also fits into any introduction hunting, wildlife discovery, or conservation education course for any age. 
  • Information about "Explora Caza Con Arco," the Spanish version of the popular “Explore Bowhunting” program. Explora Caza Con Arco includes translated how-to resources like those provided in Explore Bowhunting. These resources give Spanish-speaking communities the tools to use public lands and start bowhunting. 
  • Explore Bowfishing is a new and exciting curriculum to get kids outside and shooting archery in a fun and different way. This conservation program raises awareness about invasive and non-native fish species, and explains how the public can participate in bowfishing to help manage fish populations. Explore Bowfishing can help increase demand for archery equipment beyond typical bowhunting seasons. The curriculum is designed similar to the Explore Bowhunting program and is a great next step for any archery program.
  • An Equipment refresher, including recurve and compound bow set up and extending the life of the equipment.
  • Implementation strategies for the programs. These programs are very versatile and can be a stand-alone program or incorporated into other archery or conservation classes. Participants can share ideas and tips on starting the program as well as adapting the activities to be conducted almost anywhere with very little set up or equipment.
  • Partnerships. Collaborating within the community is important to grow all types of archery. We will discuss ways to partner with a variety of groups, including state, county, and city governments, archery and hunting retailers, local sporting groups, and conservation organizations.

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